The Homeplace

2034 County Road 131  Tuscola, Texas 79562   325-554-9610

Sunday Buffet Menu.

11:00 am until 2:00 pm

Reservations Suggested

Fried Chicken   Turkey and Dressing   Beef Entrees

Baked Ham   Chicken Fried Steak  Chicken Tenders

Chicken Enchiladas or Smothered Steak *

Seasonal Favorites


Mashed  Potatoes  Green Beans  Corn 

Sweet Potatoes   Pinto Beans

Macaroni & Cheese  

Homemade Gravies  

Yeast Rolls    Cornbread 
Tossed Salad

Banana Pudding   Chocolate Cake   Bread Pudding
Fruit Cobbler  Oatmeal-Pecan Cake

Iced Tea   Lemonade   Soft Drinks   Coffee

*Some items may vary